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We strive to make life easier with our knowledge, innovative solutions and our desire to achieve better.

HARTEK Mapping Technologies, Construction & Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. was founded by Yalçın ARICI in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey. For about 3 years between 1993-1996, Hartek serandd as a mapping agency and created high quality maps for many clients around Turkey. By the end of 1996, company started to work on Transportation & Road Projects and in only a few years became one of the well known companies in Turkey.



What We Do

HARTEK Map Technology Construction and Foreign Trade LTD. Sti. as road, intersection, cultural centers, sports complexes, social buildings etc. It has been established to provide project design, construction, installation, commissioning, supervision, coordination and consultancy services in various fields such as architectural designs, sewerage, stormwater and drinking water networks and projects requiring special technology.

Provides services on preparation of technical reports, preliminary, definite and implementation projects related to the infrastructure and environment of private sector such as Iller Bank, Municipalities, Rural Areas and Municipalities, Public Economic Enterprises (public enterprise), holiday villages, cooperatives, industrial facilities. . Similar services are provided abroad.

In addition to the infrastructure projects such as wastewater and stormwater network, stream improvement project, transmission line project, water supply network, the facilities of the project include service buildings, guest houses, cultural center, residential site areas, outdoor sports areas and landscaping projects. Most of these facilities are operational and operational.

Our company, which follows the technical developments very closely, has been successful in the field of engineering services with its experienced engineers and technical staff, widely used advanced computing software and standards-compliant office equipment.

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