Infrastructure Projects

HARTEK Map Technology Construction and Foreign Trade as road, crossroads, cultural centers, sports complexes, social buildings etc. It has been established to provide project design, construction, installation, commissioning, supervision, coordination and consultancy services in various fields such as architectural designs, sewerage, stormwater and drinking water networks and projects requiring special technology.


  • Wastewater and Stormwater Network Projects
  • Building Drainage Systems
  • Potable Water Network Projects
  • Transmission Line Projects
  • Stream Improvement Projects
  • Project and Consultancy Services
  • Engineering Design and Technology Project
  • Technical Report Works

Engineering Design, Consultancy, Supervision services provided by HARTEK include: Potable Water Network Systems, Transmission Line Systems, Waste Water-Stormwater Network Systems, Building Drainage Systems Stream Improvement, Specific Technological Projects.

Designs are prepared by our engineers and draughtsmen who are experienced in interpreting customer requirements and producing equipment specifications, schedules and drawings.

Whenever needed we also employ advisers from Technical universities, they are highly specialized in certain subjects.

Our long – standing experience and service desire are at your command.