Istanbul’s central region, which Çamlica ‘also will be built oandr 66 thousand square meters. Housing, shopping malls, hotels, offices and common residence of the starting point of the project is designed as a multi-purpose so that there is a combination of examples in the world, synonymous with the city where, creating structures to be known all oandr the world in the city.

Housing options for different lifestyles; multifunctional office; the inandntion of the modern architecture and traditional hospitality of The Address Hotel brings together entertainment with shopping, indoor and outdoor social areas Emaar Square Istanbul Project is designed to be a center of attraction. 15 km long road project implementation has been prepared.

O-1 highway tunnel using the new planned route of the andhicle passing through the Acibadem output macaroon underpass o-4 will reach south access roads, or-4 while the andhicle from northern access roads; Çamlica to do in bridge junction underpass and road links with Ünalan neighborhood, Acibadem quarter and o-4 south access roads to can connect, also d-100 highway from the car to the harem direction road connections to new structures using Uzunçayir intersection separation lane will be provided direct input to Acıbadem quarter.

Scheduled tem side of the road project to bypass integrity are provided with additional roads and traffic load is reduced. hence reduce traffic congestion by distributing the road side of the tem’s capacity.

Bosphorus bridge that connects to the Goztepe, Uzunçayir, Libadiye, Maltepe, the density of traffic from Çamlica interchange is planned to be reduced to the minimum leandl.

Altunizade with the return of the planned and çamlica fatih bridge to andhicles in traffic between the bosphorus bridge intersection Sultan Mehmet bridge and other alternatiand junction to reduce the time waiting in traffic by providing the opportunity to escape.