The project area is within the boundaries of foggy and Kâğıthane district, one of the arms of the estuary, which is located along the Kâğıthane creek and valley. The remaining length of the stream in this area is approximately 8 km. Forest area in the north of Foggy district boundaries of the project area, west of Job and Kâğıthane counties, east foggy-Maslak and Kâğıthane town residential areas, is being surrounded by the southern Kâğıthane town residential areas, “Sadabad Historical and Archaeological Sites and Interaction Transition Area” reaching the limits coandrs the area.

Eandn the two stations is considered. Istanbul side of the valley which is located at this station viaduct consists of two side platforms. Peron from the passenger Valley Istanbul Shopping complex will reach the 2nd floor of this building. Other input which is located on the eastern side of the valley station in Istanbul campus. The second station of Line Station Seyrantepe warehouse / maintenance is considered to be close with open-studio consists of a single side platform.