Landscape Projects

Our landscaping designs are based on ecological, natural, social, cultural, environmental, economic, technological, climatic, land, environment, geographic, innovative, sustainable, problems and possibilities. In the light of legal frameworks, preserving cultural values, human-flora-fauna relationship is prioritized and studies are carried out taking into consideration the needs and requirements.

Our Landscape Designs are studied according to primarily scientific data and than ecological, natural, social, cultural, economic, technological, climatic, structure of the land, close environment relations, herbal, geographic, innovative, sustainable, in legal frameworks while preserving natural, historical and cultural values, by pritoritising human-flora-fauna relationship and requirements.

In the process of the design, Project development is provided by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), (GIS). different layers with overlay analysis, spatial data on layers.

The best possible spatial composition is presented.

Our projects are prepared as;

  • Structural landscaping Projects
  • Garden Landscape Projects
  • Irrigation and Drainage Projects
  • Landscape Lighting Projects
  • Landscape Detail Projects