Turkey’s first and only 5-function “mixed use” project of the Zorlu Center, cultural and artistic center, hotel, business center, where a shopping center and residential area of 619.595 m2, is located in the building.


Zorlu Center is built on an area of about 30 thousand square meters, 3,500 cultural and artistic center of a giant masterpiece of nature. Complex scope will add prestige and tourism value has 5 star international hotel in Istanbul, Turkey to enter a new market of existing brands with world famous brands will take place semi-outdoor mall.


Zorlu Center Project organized as part of the International Property Awards, receiandd the award for its Europe and Africa Property Awards 2009 competition at a ceremony in London on 16 October.


Topkapi, Besiktas, the Bosphorus Bridge to come Zincirlikuyu- link to the linkage of andhicles through Büyükdere street direction; built up from the problems they experienced in highway participation point due to lack of fixed and come from that direction Zorlu Center ‘to achieand the wish of andhicles will bring increasing the distance the built taking into traffic load calculations and the lane discipline provided a plan has been made.